You Get What You Pay For


There is a philosophy in the phone sex industry that “you get what you pay for”. You have heard that before no doubt when it refers to clothes, appliances, and name brand products versus “generic store brands”.

The main difference in the phone sex industry is “name brands” do not really exist. Hell, I think Phone Flirts is one of the VERY few sites of its size on the net that has a Trademark…  which makes it a helluva lot closer to what a name brand is. Most sites use a generic name to describe their product so it really can’t be held against the mainstream market and the definition of what a name brand is. This all puts phone sex into a different category and therefore I never was sold on the “you get what you pay for” bandwagon.

So to say “you get what you pay for” doesn’t really apply either. Price is subjective. There are no industry standards for what a company or phone sex operator charges. I certainly do not get my value as a person or as a woman by the prices I charge. My rates are fair and simple. I do consider them “cheap”.  But I am not the cheapest, and I don’t really need to be. I did the math. I configured my rates to be sure I make a good living while still being able to cover my business costs.

Let’s face it… The bottom line is you want choices. Sometimes you may not mind paying a higher price and sometimes your budget is more limited. In the end for a guy that wants phone sex and enjoys a good fantasy – you ultimately just want choices and variety. For the caller, for YOU reading this… that’s common sense isn’t it?

So let me give you some choices my dear horny fellows: I can give you affordable phone sex with quality and intelligence! You can talk to me or one of the girls in my company. I even provide other numbers for you that I know bill safely and have ethics.

Phone Sex Choices

#1 You can go to my page and grab my number to call me directly. I’ll collect your billing details and set up your call. Make sure you adhere to my schedule though if you want me to answer the phone. If it’s off my schedule just text or email me and maybe we can set something up. It’s always worth the shot though I make no promises! Phone Sex with Lynnea

#2 You can still get the same ethics and professionalism by calling the phone sex girls that work for me. The rates are a little higher but that’s because the service uses an automated system to do billing. You will enter all of your own details and credit card info and none of the operators see it or even know your real name when you speak to them. It’s very secure and private and only $10 for a quickie. $10 Phone Sex

#3 And hey if you still want more variety you can use my backup service. It’s not billed through me but it is a safe automated system that will allow you to control your own credit card info with lots of other ladies to speak to. Phone Sex Girls



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