phone sex faq

Are the calls just $10?
Yep! The minimum charge is $10 for 5 minutes. After that, it is $2.00 per minute. Ultimately you can talk as long as you’d like to. We have no additional charges and no connection fees! We bill down to the second without ever rounding the time up.

How does a call work for a new client?
After you dial our number you will hear a “Preamble” that explains the rates and billing info. It’s not a cheesy recording. It’s detailed and lasts just under 2 minutes. You will enter in your own information, choose a Flirt to speak with, and then your card will be verified for available funds. Once your car has funds on hold, you will be connected to a flirt and that is when the time starts for your call. Billing is done after you end the call and it is down to the second. We do not “round up to the next minute” as most companies do. Phone Flirts never sell, trade, or give your information out to anyone else for any reason.

How is the billing done?
Our billing system is automated. You never have to give your personal details out to a live person. No one has full access to your credit card which is much safer than a “dispatcher”. You maintain control of what you spend because you must approve the charges. There are no connection charges or additional fees. We accept all major credit cards. Our billing name can show up as Psychic Readers, Life Coaches, and other assorted professional services like Legal Consulting and even Counseling. It is not just phone sex. So, if your partner ever asks about this charge on your bill, you can cover your ass by saying you used another type of service.

How do I know my info will be kept safe?
Your credit card information is as safe with us as it is at any retail store. The billing procedure is very secure. We use PCI Compliant Web Servers with firewalls and are certified in Data Security Standards. To protect your data, this website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) for data transfer, creating a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or higher AES encryption. We access our servers only through a VPN and all IP addresses other than our VPN are blocked by our servers. We stay up to date with all technology.

Do you keep my info on file?
Only the necessary info will be on file. Since our system is automated it will recognize your telephone number as a repeat client. Your call will be much quicker. Your credit card info is stored but fully encrypted which means even the company owner can only see the last 4 digits of your card.

Will the Flirt I talk to know or see my info?
Nope! You must provide real information and record your name in our system. But the Operators will NEVER see it, and they won’t even know your real name. Tell them whatever name you’d like.

Do Phone Flirts have “taboos”? Can we talk about anything?
All is fair in Fantasyland. We have no taboos BUT some Flirts may have a limit with certain fantasies. The best way to find out before you spend a cent is to Join the site and then email a gal what your interests are.

How can I make the best of my phone sex call?
Just be yourself. Talk to all of us like a friend, and be upfront with what you want/expect. If you don’t know – then we will probably ask you some questions. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let us know what you want to talk about. We enjoy “interaction” with you – and that’s how we make it a personalized service!

Is this a call center? Where are you located?
Hell no. The Phone Flirts all work in their own homes.

Are the ladies actresses?
Nope. These are flirty chicks that enjoy phone sex.

Do the Phone Flirts meet callers?
No. Sorry. All Phone Flirts have real lives and those personal details “may” be kept private. They could be married or have a partner. While all Flirts enjoy phone sex, they aren’t permitted to meet and they don’t have the desire to do so anyway.

Can I buy worn panties?
No, we don’t sell worn panties, it’s a bio-hazard by federal law. In fact, we don’t sell any physical items at all.

What is phone sex?
Phone sex is an interactive erotic conversation between 2 adults that inspires mutual masturbation, fantasy, roleplay, heavy breathing, and hopefully a few orgasms.

What do you mean by an “interactive” conversation?
Well, hopefully, both people involved decide to communicate with one another.

How do you actually “interact” with phone sex?
First of all, phone sex is always 1/3 imagination, and if you have a vivid rich one then you may want to fantasize about what you might do with me if we were together. Or we can also be realistic and discuss what we are actually doing to ourselves – masturbation. We can create an entire scene/fantasy, do roleplay, or even explore a fetish.

What is the difference between roleplay and fantasy during phone sex?
A fantasy could be a little like an erotic story that one of us, or both of us tell during our call. Naturally, a lot of imagination is mixed in as well as descriptive words. A roleplay is almost like a mini-movie that one of us will direct. We’ll create a scene and interact… to literally “act” out the fantasy.