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cheap phone sex

Phone Sex with Flat Rate Prices

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Hey! I’m Lynnea and I run! And here you will find Cheap Phone Sex with Cheap Flat Rate Prices. I’m not some fantasy actress and this is not some moan and groan line. I’m a real girl who does live phone sex from my home! I think Phone Sex is about two people getting intimate, mutually masturbating, and enjoying sex talk together! See, I learned that I LOVED phone sex a long time ago. I’m professional about phone sex as a business but I wanted to make my prices simple with cheap flat rates fees so you know how much you are spending in advance. I really get into my calls and I can’t be bothered to count minutes.

Cheap Phone Sex

The thing I love most about phone sex is that it uses imagination and creativity. I also love the sounds of horny breathing, audible grunts, and uncontrolled moans. I have always viewed phone sex first as mutual masturbation, and second as fantasy or roleplay. Phone Flirts offers Super Cheap Phone Sex without remorse or attitude. There are no hidden charges and there are no connection fees. Therefore, the rates are a flat fee for a block of time, so you always know how much you spend without worrying about per-minute charges!

Amateur Phone Sex

The “Down Home” or “Amateur” phone sex style is genuine. I don’t have an overproduced glossy “image”. I don’t work in an office or use scripts on calls. I’ve never been “trained” to be a phone sex operator. This isn’t an adult business with 100’s of websites, and I try to keep everything I do as UNIQUE. It also means I am not some big corporate office style business, I am a real live girl that works from home. As a result, this is a personalized phone sex service. This IS also a cheap amateur phone sex service… and that means I do this because I like it.

Phone Flirts Mission Statement:

Written by Lynnea: I am committed to the highest standards of integrity, ethics, creativity, excellence, service, and performance in dealing with phone sex callers. I strive to identify with my callers as individuals and to treat them with the utmost respect and dignity. It is my vision to keep phone sex an enjoyable safe experience for our customers, and for myself with the emphasis being about “fun”. The word greed isn’t a part of my vocabulary or personality.