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Cheap phone sex girl Lynnea caters to the individual on a very personal level because she feels that’s what amateur phone sex is about. Phone Sex is an impulse purchase, isn’t it? Basically, it happens after a good stiff bone pops up and you come across a phone sex ad. Phone Sex isn’t really a hobby, therefore you aren’t putting a lot of research or effort or time into it. You want cheap prices and someone who listens to you and interacts with intelligence. Lynnea doesn’t want to count minutes, she wants to give you her full attention; so she has flat rate phone sex prices instead of per minute charges.

Lynnea is a real small town girl who takes calls in her private home.

Lynnea is not an actress and this is no moan and groan sex line. This is about two people getting intimate in their phone call, and mutually masturbating and enjoying their sex talk together! Phone Sex is not a commitment, a relationship, but the truth is it’s much cheaper than a date. Ultimately you want to get busy with some masturbation. The point is to grab your cock and beat it until the cream center explodes.

The Phone Flirts Philosophy on Phone Sex is that YOU the caller is the one who defines what “erotic”, “dirty”, and “kinky” really means. Phone Flirts Cheap Phone Sex services are intended to be innovative, creative, interesting, and fun. Phone Flirts has defined Amateur Phone Sex on the internet and has set the standard for amateur cheap prices and inventive marketing. My target market is Working Class Men, the Average Joe, Bargain Hunters, Perverts who Watch their Money, Semi-professionals, Craftsman, Highly educated professionals & managers, blue-collar workers, and anybody else who appreciates cheap phone sex with an amateur girl at home!

Personal adult fantasy phone sex service, not a huge corporation.

I’m definitely not a cubicle girl. When you talk to me you will get my personal attention! Talk is cheap with me, and that’s how I like it – but I never skimp on quality! Phone Flirts is an adult Phone Sex company started in 1999. I provide adult phone sex fantasies to individuals by private and personal telephone conversations. I also provide quality adult entertainment, reasonable prices, and a stable environment for callers to act out a fantasy.

The Cheap Phone Sex at Phone Flirts contains nothing artificial and there are no imitation ingredients in its style. In fact; Phone Flirts is often imitated but never duplicated! We don’t offer “novelty” talk. I offer phone sex with quality and at a reasonable price. I define the word ‘quality” as my method and style are personal to each individual caller. Everyone is different, and so is every fantasy! Cookie cutter conversations do not work; fantasies are not “one size fits all”. I strive for more and to provide something more. Phone Sex at Phone Flirts is Home Made produced in the home of the phone sex operator and handled with care. The ingredients are wholesome; as is my business model but the talk is still dirty! I simply mean I run my business with care, professionalism, and with the client in mind. Yes, you cum first at Phone Flirts.

Please Read the Adult Warning as You Must Be 21 Years or Older to Use this Service

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Why Trust Phone Flirts?

Phone Flirts is a cheap phone sex service that has been in business since 1999. The main objective has been to offer “Amateur Phone Sex” which means the rates are cheaper and the style is not like a “factory” generating call after call to clients making them feel like “just another number”. I do not and never have subscribed to the “get ’em on the phone and get ’em off fast”. The Phone Flirts approach has ALWAYS been PERSONAL and easy going which means I do not rush you, I show an interest in you beyond your wallet, and I am very discreet. Should that mean anything to you considering you just want to jack off? Yeah, it should. It should matter because anywhere you spend your money should be a professional company, should run/act like a real business, and be filled with professional staff. In a sense, this is ethics, business morality, and my commitment. I am committed to my phone sex callers.


Why commit to one phone sex service?

The internet is now flooded with phone sex websites. Most companies have tons of domains, there are tons of independent sites, and lots of other options that can seem like “cheap” alternatives. It can seem fun to bounce around from one place or girl to another but it may not be the smartest choice. One advantage to committing yourself to one or even two different phone sex services is that you won’t get any ‘surprises’. A quality service won’t raise its price/s because of your fetish, the rules are usually clear-cut, you won’t get penalties for hanging up quickly because your spouse came home etc. A quality phone sex service you can trust and is always reliable is far better than jumping around to different companies because it seems like you have options.


Is phone sex better than real sex?

Um, duh, no, can’t claim that it is. Is phone sex the perfect response to not getting laid? Um, no probably not that either. Phone sex is not a replacement for real sex, it’s not going to make your spirit soar either. However, phone sex fills a need. When you get the urge to masturbate, using some type of aid can enhance it! Maybe you look at naked pictures on the net or watch videos at a porn tube site. Years ago when magazines were relevant they were also a masturbation aid. That’s in general what phone sex is too, a little something extra to enhance your jerking off habit! And yes, Phone Flirts provide it cheaply and effectively!