I sometimes write my own erotic stories and they are not usually fiction. I may add to a story a bit or exaggerate it but for the most part, these are true stories I have written. I always plan to add more but time rarely allows me to do that. Often my inspiration to get my ass in gear and write comes from my wonderful callers.  They often encourage me to share a story on the website that I have shared with them via telephone.  So, if you are bored, horny, looking for a free erotic story, or just found yourself here on this website… then please take some time to get to know me and drop me an email to tell me if you enjoyed the story.

The first erotic confession I shared is The First Time I Had Phone Sex. Although technically it is not really the first time.  I can tell you THAT one on the phone!

Another story I wrote very quickly one day is called Public Cock Tease and it is a true erotic confession.

The most recent I wrote is called Little Miss Cock Tease.  Do you notice the theme here? Yeah, it’s true. I am a cock tease in my real life and I thoroughly enjoy it.

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