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Hot and Sexy Erotic Audio Sound Clips of Lynnea

The following erotic audio clips are all of my sexy voice. I made them for callers to sample! Please listen to them all to find out if my voice and personality are attractive to you. These clips are just for fun so you can sample the different tones to my voice and get a sample of my personality. They are all pretty short, but I do hope you still enjoy them.

My voice is clear and smooth. I don’t have an accent, a lisp, or a flat tone. I don’t have a high pitch to my voice either. Basically, I speak clearly and have a medium tone. You can tell that by my audio recordings. I don’t put on that whole “breathy” phone sex voice if you know what I mean. I always speak in my natural voice rather than a phony put on fake voice. I’ve been told that I have a great laugh and a devious giggle. I don’t honestly “hear” my own voice the way that someone else does though.

Most Callers say that they love my voice.

I’m not into yelling or screaming. I don’t talk loudly. Definitely, I don’t have a nasally sound (unless I have a cold). Many callers have said that my voice is melodic and soothing. Others callers have said that my voice is like velvet. I am not a phone sex moaner. Now if we get into some hot mutual masturbation then I will probably be moaning! But I am not that “stereotypical” phone sex operator that says a sentence to you and moans after it. If you’ve called a variety of phone sex lines then I am sure you have already run into that.


Here is a little story about my voice.

A very long time ago a British male friend told me that my voice was like Whisky and Honey. The term for it is called a “Hot Toddy” in the UK. It’s basically a warm mix of whiskey and honey that you might drink before bedtime to help you sleep. Or it might soothe you when you are not feeling great. I have always loved that description of my voice. It sounds so warm and tasty. I also think it covers that fact that I have a soothing voice rather than a raspy or gravelly one.


Of the many compliments I have received about my voice, this one is the most common. I’ve been told I have a melodic pleasant voice that is soft and sultry. It’s been said that I speak in a confident manner and that I am quite expressive. In other words, I am not monotone; I don’t have a very “flat” tone. My tones actually change. I am slow and deliberate when I speak. Many of my callers have told me what my voice sounds like to them. They probably can give a far better description of it than I ever could.

Verbally artistic and vocally gifted… I’ve always had a sexy voice.

I hate to admit it but I do sometimes go into “baby talk”, especially when I want a man to do something special for me. It’s something I’ve always been known to do. So I can alter my vocal tone and pitch to sugar sweet. Apparently, a lot of men find my voice very cute in this way. In other words, the sweet baby talk isn’t annoying. Because I’ve had men tell me that they do find baby talk can be annoying I wanted to bring it up. I have never had that effect when I do it because I still do it in a natural way. It’s a part of my personality and my personality comes across in my voice.


In conclusion, a disembodied voice, a lack of creativity, script reading, random moaning, and little input from the PSO will make phone sex suck! The voice you want on the phone to talk with needs to be attractive. My voice may not be every caller’s cup of tea and I know that. That’s the reason I have tried to carefully describe it and the reason I have free erotic audio samples on my site. Your phone sex experience usually needs the “right” voice. It’s certainly one of the key ingredients. Please listen to all of my audio samples so that you can tell if my voice suits your favorite fantasy.


Some Of My Callers Comments About Me

caller-commentsHi Lynnea, Thank you for those nice words. When I call someone in the phone sex business, I remember to treat them as the person that they are. No one deserves to pick up the phone and be openly abused by some unthinking individual. I’m sure you did have fun making those audio files. They’re creative, to say the least. And what may I ask were you doing up at nine on a Saturday morning? Could you not sleep? I couldn’t either.



caller-commentsLynnea, I had fun the other morning (your time, it was night over here in Tokyo) listening to you. Sorry, I had to be so quiet – with my roommate in the next room; I didn’t want to get too vocal. I’ve never done a call while she was home, but I was just so horny I couldn’t help myself.




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