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Welcome to! Here you will find Cheap Phone Sex. This is not some moan and groan then dial tone line. Phone Flirts® are live chicks who have phone sex in their own homes! Phone Sex with PhoneFlirts® is a unique cheap phone sex service because our dirty girls are truly naughty amateurs who enjoy phone sex! PhoneFlirts® are the queens of amateur phone sex on the net! this website is open and very available for you – so you know we’re not just another silly advertisement for cheap phone sex! We provide quality over quantity… and as much phone sex, free photos, galleries, and audio files as you can handle.

We strive for more and to provide something more. Phone Sex at Phone Flirts® is Home Made… produced in the home of the phone sex operator, and handled with care. The ingredients are wholesome; as is our business model… but the talk is still dirty! We simply mean we run our business with care, professionalism, and with the client in mind. Yes, you cum first with Phone Flirts®.

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The Phone Sex at Phone Flirts® contains nothing artificial and there are no imitations. Phone Flirts® is often imitated but never duplicated! We don’t offer “novelty” talk… we offer phone sex with quality and at a reasonable price. We define the word ‘quality” as our method and our style is personalized to each individual caller. Everyone is different, and so is every phone sex fantasy! Cookie-cutter conversations do not work, fantasies are not “one size fits all”.

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The “Down Home” or “Amateur” phone sex style is genuine. We don’t work in an office or use scripts on calls. We’ve never been “trained” to be a phone sex operator. This isn’t an adult business with hundreds of websites, and we try to keep everything we do UNIQUE. We are not some big corporate office-style business, we are transparent in how we do business and the business here is dirty!

Phone Flirts® Mission Statement:

Written by Lynnea: I am committed to the highest standards of integrity, ethics, creativity, excellence, service, and performance in dealing with phone sex callers. I strive to identify with my callers as individuals and to treat them with the utmost respect and dignity. It is my vision to keep phone sex an enjoyable safe experience for our customers, and for myself with the emphasis being about “fun”. The word greed isn’t a part of my vocabulary or personality.

Why Trust Phone Flirts®?

Phone Flirts® is a phone sex service that has been in business for many years. The main objective has been to offer “Amateur Phone Sex” and cheap prices. The style is not like a “factory” generating call after call to clients making them feel like “just another number”. We do not and never have subscribed to the “get ’em on the phone and get ’em off fast”. The Phone Flirts® approach has ALWAYS been PERSONAL and easy going… which means we do not rush you, we show an interest in you beyond your wallet, and we are discreet. We are dedicated to our phone sex callers.

Is phone sex better than real sex?

Um, no, we can’t claim that it is. Is phone sex the perfect response to not getting laid? Um, no probably not that either. Phone sex is not a replacement for real sex, it’s not going to make your spirit soar either. However, phone sex fills a need. When you get the urge to masturbate, using some type of aid can enhance it! Maybe you look at porn videos to jerk off. Years ago when magazines were relevant they were also a masturbation aid. That’s in general what phone sex is too…. a little something extra to enhance your masturbation habit! And yes, Phone Flirts® provides it cheaply and effectively!