I don’t think women fantasize in the same way that men do. Women are more cerebral when it comes to sex. I think that is one reason why I love dirty talk and always have.

I was occupied doing stuff but of course, my mind ended up on sex. I started to think about all of the things that I find sexy about a man. I’m wondering if I am weird or just too easy to get turned on maybe?

I love men’s hands. Clean hands but strong and large. Maybe because I am so petite. But I love a man’s big hands on my body. It can be simple and just feel his hands around my waist that might get me hot.

I like a man with some body hair damn it. I’m not talking hairy backs or an ape. But a hairy chest is fucking sexy to me. I like to run my hands through it. I like a guy to trim up his pubic bush but I don’t require it shaved. Hair is manly.

I love to kiss, it is a big deal to me. I can do nothing more than suck face with a guy and love it. A huge turn on. A long make-out session is awesome. After an hour or so of touching and kissing I’m pretty open to most anything.

I think my idea of “sexy” is all about passion. I like a man to touch me, kiss me, and even talk to me with passion. I find people in general who are passionate about almost any subject to be sexy too. The best sex is always passionate. Even masturbation can be passionate.

We’ve all heard it before the biggest sex organ is the brain. It’s so true when it comes to phone sex. I can be sexually attracted to callers very easily. But it’s not always about a fantasy. Sometimes it’s just about a man being a man with me. Not necessarily aggressive but passionate.



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