Sexy Flirtations

So my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our little anniversary this weekend. It’s 2 years and counting. We have a nice solid mature relationship. I can count the arguments we’ve had and he’s never so much as raised his voice to me. We’ve got a lot in common. He’s great to me, I am the perfect little minx at home and the proper lady in front of friends. I’d say I was a lady in public… however, that’s not always true.

Take this past Saturday night for example; Saturday my man was busy with his work so I rang up the gal pal to hit up our favorite little drinking spot. I didn’t have to twist her arm… her hubby was on her nerves because he’s a lot more conservative than she is. She accepted my invitation with excitement. When we get together… there is trouble. Or at least usually Karaoke. Anyway….

I picked her up in my car and we drove to our place. Fixed our lipstick, got our drinks. My little admirer was there, of course, a 21-year-old college boy with great eyes and a perfect smile. He’s so damn cute and shy – just the way I like ‘em… which means he is corruptible. We’ve had this ongoing flirtation for quite awhile now and he is still too shy to blatantly hit on me. That’s cool, I’m a taken woman (I keep reminding myself) and I love a good tease. So that’s what I do… flirt and tease…. And almost dare him to make a move.

Did you ever drink Kamakazies? Oh my goodness, they do go down smooth and easy. I like to drink, but I am not good at it and don’t do it often enough to have a good tolerance. Now my girlfriend, on the other hand, may have the goal of becoming a raging alcoholic… she can drink any guy under the table. In other words… soon we were dancing, singing loudly, falling over the place. Do you get the picture?

Lucky for me reI have my little admirer; he tries to keep me in line by being very protective. I think I freak him out a little because he is so shy. He was chasing me all over the place cleaning up the mess I kept making by spilling my drinks everywhere. Eventually, it was time to slow it down, chill out, and sober up to drive home later.

I was a good girl yet again damn it. This guy is so sweet; I know I could take him home one night and totally do obscene things to him. He’s younger than me and I have this fantasy of being the “older woman” teaching the young anxious virginal guy. Anyway, he is always so disappointed when I leave the bar. He looks so cute, like a little puppy dog with sad eyes. He knows I am involved with someone, so he’s always well mannered and polite.

When I got home I was in the horny state from all my flirtations and adding alcohol to my system just brings out my natural animal. I fucked my man silly and thought about my boy toy left at the bar who was probably home by now jerking off and thinking about me. At least that’s my hope. Maybe I’ll ask him next time I see him.

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