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Phone Sex for Regular Joe

Phone Sex is for Normal Guys Too There are trends in the phone sex industry.  Often it's a jump on the bandwagon type of situation that can start out with 2 or 3 ladies and then suddenly everyone is doing...Read More

First Time Phone Sex Callers

  You’ve never tried phone sex before? Or maybe you have with a girlfriend or some chick you met online. But if you haven’t had phone sex with a “service” or an operator that is paid for it, you might...Read More

Amateur Phone Sex

Lynnea is a Real Phone Sex Girl Sometimes I feel like the word “amateur” in phone sex can get a bad rap. I’ve seen websites in this industry that try to knock the word “amateur” as it relates to the...Read More
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Good Karma for Jerk Off Girl

Does being a phone sex lover contribute to good karma? I think it does. I have just always viewed phone sex as two things: #1 a FUN and an easy-going experience and #2 about helping people. Ok does that sound...Read More