The definition of LUST by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary… usually intense or unbridled sexual desire: lasciviousness He was motivated more by lust than by love. 2a: an intense longing: craving a lust to succeed. b: enthusiasm

Lust is not Love. This is why I feel that phone sex with an operator or a service is never really cheating. It may not be a nice thing to do sneaking it without a partner knowing… but actual cheating it is not IMO. That was my little disclaimer.

Lust is a Wonderful Thing

For me, LUST is a sensation, not an emotion. It creates a “sensation” in our body as much as it does in our brain.

Do you remember at least some of your “first-time” experiences and how much of an impact they made on you? How those sensations seem to stick to us and even sometimes form pieces of our sexuality? It’s like that for me at least. How about you?

I certainly remember the first time I had phone sex, a story I sometimes share on some of my calls. I can attribute the sensation of LUST to that first-time adventure, and to so many others.

Lust is a great feeling. It sets off all of our sexy brain chemicals and heightens our ideas on pleasure, provides new experiences, and makes for great memories to masturbate to. Sometimes the muscle memories of those sensations can last for years.

You don’t have to know someone personally or deeply to have a lust for them. You don’t even have to be romantically interested in them or have any notion of creating an attachment to them. It just IS what it IS, and we don’t even have to act on it.

Lust is considered one of the seven deadly sins and it’s no wonder because it does create this high intensity like a drug. It’s pleasurable. Do we really want to miss out on pleasure in our life? Why do we believe that pleasure is so damning? The pleasure within our own bodies exists for a reason.

Lust is unpredictable, it is exciting, enticing, and sometimes it’s even a huge surprise! Occasionally you can find yourself lusting after a person who isn’t even someone you would normally be attracted to.

Hmmm, I enjoy LUST.

Lust shouldn’t ruin your life which is where that whole “sin” thing comes into play, because it can be dangerous if that’s all you live for. But recognizing how good it feels and that it does have its own time and place to be appropriate… is an awesome thing. Accept lust in your life.

Personally, I get a lot of lust in my life because I experience it on at least two or three phone sex calls per day. It’s that freshness and newness of getting to know someone, a little casual flirty talk, some sexual tension built up.. and then eventually that sharing of masturbation. I feel it every time I get to share my secrets on a phone call and I always feel very naughty when I do. I feel full of lust when I just discuss sex in a direct and blunt way that is not for polite company.

Feel like sharing some Lust with me?




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