Anal Sex

Let’s Talk about the Pleasure of Anal Sex

There are many ways to enjoy the anus in a sexual manner, and these acts have taken place for centuries throughout history. Both men and women enjoy anal play, and men who like it are not all homosexuals. The fact is that not all gay men enjoy anal sex, so drop the homophobia! Some people truly enjoy the sensation of a finger inserted into their ass and even like it gently rotated. Other horny people may prefer to insert a dildo, vibrator, or a butt plug. Anal penetration has become a fairly modern sexual routine for many couples. This article contains the dirty scoop to enjoying anal intercourse or anal play….. in an honest, practical, and common-sense way.

Many people (often women) believe that anal sex hurts and that it is always going to be a pain in the ass… literally. This is simply not true. It’s all about the approach and being prepared mentally as well as physically. If a person experiences pain during anal sex… most likely something is being done incorrectly. Anal sex is something that a couple should ease into if it’s new to them… with a cautious progressive process. It will take time, effort, and lots of preparation.

Do your research! You have the whole Internet at your fingertips and there are hundreds of available websites with instructions. While my little article may give you some advice, don’t solely use it as your only guide. Read, read, read, and read some more. Read as much as you can before you venture into the uncharted territory of Butt Town. Knowledge is power!

Second, you must find out if your partner is open to the experience. Now that you’ve studied, be open honest, and communicative about what you learned. Discuss your desire and hear your partner’s responses. If your partner is against it for any reason, do not force it upon them because it will only turn out to be a lousy experience for you both. Make the conversation naughty if you’d like it! Discuss it in bed rather than at Sunday dinner. Tell your partner how excited you are during a sexual encounter, tell them how badly you want to have anal sex with them, tell them how intimate it is. The keyword here is seduction. Say it, commit to it, and perform it to the highest degree that you can. Some of my ideas to get the crack opening are: to start off with a sensual body massage touching your partner everywhere. Follow it with a full-body tongue bath … including all the spots that you want your cock to experience. No rushing! If you want your partner’s butt then show them how bad you want it!

Poke Her in the Rear – Anal Sex is HOT!

Once your partner is hot and bothered… make them feel a little “kinky” or “dirty” without making them feel cheap. If your partner protests… try more foreplay and seduction without badgering. Try using your fingers very lightly on their asshole … tease it without jamming it in. Make it sexy, sensual, and seductive. Seduction is the key element remember? Trace your finger around the rim with some lube for a tingly sensation. You may advance to finger insertion, analingus, and maybe even incorporate a sex toy. The bottom line is to keep it sexy, that’s the only way those tight sphincter muscles will loosen up!

Keep that ass clean baby. A bath or shower before is important. It’s a good idea to have a bowel movement at least an hour before anal sex, to make sure you don’t run into anything you don’t want to. An enema is nice too – and very thorough – but is not necessary for clean anal sex. The anal action itself needs to be kept “clean” as well. Once your cock or sex toy has been inside the rectum, don’t put it inside anywhere else until you have washed it thoroughly. Being careless can cause some nasty infections that you do not want to find out about. The entire anal area contains a variety of bacteria that belong, and should only remain in the anus. You don’t want to contaminate other areas of your body by inserting ANYTHING that has been in the anus into ANY other orifice of the body. Paranoid clean freaks can use a condom for anal sex… it does keep any mess to a minimum.

Lube up that hole!

The anus is not naturally lubricated like the vagina. Yes, you need to use lots of store-bought lubricants – and it needs to be the right type of lubricant also. In a monogamous relationship that doesn’t require a condom… an oil-based lube works excellently. It’s long-lasting, slippery, and does the trick! Oil-based lubes do damage to condoms so when using a “raincoat” stick to water-based lubes only. They work just well, however, you will find that additional applications may be needed frequently since they tend to dry up. Condoms are widely known to prevent STD’s so use common sense for your own safety. When you insert something into the anus some minor damage occurs in the delicate tissues along the anal walls. The lining of the rectum is very thin and can rip if there is too much stress put on it. So the more lube you use – the better, because less damage will occur. The minor damage isn’t harmful mind you; the same is true when you brush your teeth. Delicate tissues in your mouth are also damaged. The point is that more lube equals more fun and safety!

You can start insertion with your lubed finger, which will help you to feel the two closely spaced anal muscles. Keep your partner in pleasure as you proceed. The anal outer ring is a controlled muscle that can be contracted or relaxed at will. The inner muscle is not controlled, it is an involuntary muscle that will react and tighten when it is exposed to tension. Remember the anus is basically used for bodily waste, and what that means is that there are some voluntary control and some reflex reactions to stimulation. You can control that inner tight sphincter muscle with your finger while your partner relaxes mentally. Add more lube. Slide your finger in deeper and deeper… inch by inch. Curve and bend your finger naturally as it follows through the deep tunnel. You can discover the unique shape of the rectum by feeling around slightly with your finger. It’s not a straight shot, the deep canal tilts toward the front of the body. Try moving and twisting your finger until you have a clear mental picture of the inner design. Each person’s body is unique.

Stop if your partner asks you to stop for goodness’ sake. Don’t be an asshole! Tension, pressure, and force can cause some pain physically and even mentally. Go back to the beginning and work your way back into it. And finally, if your partner does ask you to stop completely, it’s time to listen before it becomes a “bad” experience. There will be other times to try, but not if you wear out your welcome to Butt Town! Besides, the simple truth is that if your partner doesn’t enjoy it…. then neither will you ultimately. Let’s keep going!

Step it up a notch!

Now that you’ve got your finger deeply embedded in Butt Town… try two, or maybe grab a small sex toy. Use some gentle thrusts to keep the muscles open. Allow your partner to get used to the stimulation and the sensations that they are experiencing! And now it will be time to go for it with Mr. Penis. Ask your partner if they are ready!

Proceed with the prick!

Be slow gosh darn it. Take your time this isn’t a race! Initial penetration is the most difficult part. Keep your partner relaxed because it makes insertion easier. When experimenting with anal sex for the first few times, go deliberately very slow. There is no reason to rush, and if you take your time you can make it a sensual experience.

And there you have it! Lust itself will not make anal sex enjoyable. Men and women will experience it a bit differently. Practice, knowledge, seduction, and caution will make it the best experience it can be. The pleasure that cums from anal sex is very different and it’s a whole new sensation for those kinky enough to try it. Being totally absorbed in the experience can bring on intense stimulation and orgasm. One thing is for certain…anal sex can bring you to a whole new intimate level with your partner and it’s downright fun!




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