Masturbation is not a chore

Masturbation Is NOT a Chore!

You know there is a big buzzword now on the internet: “self-care”. Have you been seeing articles and so forth about self-care? I have. So much so it’s gotten a bit silly, but then somehow… my mind travels back to masturbation. Probably because it’s a constant topic in my life!

Some men have a way of masturbating where it’s this added chore to their life. They fit it in quickly just before sleep, in a 5-minute shower, or in between paying bills and doing errands. I hear about this often. Life can become so busy and we can get so preoccupied with the daily shit-show that we forget a very basic factor about self-care.

Masturbation is self-care and not a chore. No, it’s not a sin, and yes everyone is really doing it. Sometimes the best “gift” you can give to yourself is a selfish one.  Don’t we all deserve a little self-centered pleasure once in a while? I sure think we do. Masturbation should be a time where you can celebrate being selfish and just focusing on your own body and your own pleasure. You know best how to touch your cock. I know we all gotta grind and work hard, and we get busy, but at least once per week, we all should create some masturbation self-care time.

If you feel like masturbation is a chore or mundane, then you are doing it wrong. Masturbation should not become a mundane ritual that you rush through all the time. I mean quickies are great! But some long-drawn-out masturbation is even better.

And what better way to make your normal masturbation habit less mundane than to SHARE it with someone else? That is naturally the point of phone sex. Sitting at your computer or watching porn on your cell phone isn’t a very intimate experience. It’s not all that much fun trying to find the right video. Phone sex brings a whole different experience to masturbation.

Being able to get instant feedback, interaction, an opinion, or even a whole new idea is what makes phone sex more interesting. Watching porn makes us feel disconnected while being connected via the telephone is easier than you think. There is no greater turn-on than sharing a very personal and private experience with another person.

Phone sex doesn’t always have to be all about fantasy and roleplay. Mutual masturbation is way more fun in my opinion. The sounds of a man in pleasure, speaking with me while I enjoy my own body… is so arousing to me. The sense of sound is titillating, a quivering voice, heavy breathing, and little moans of pleasure get me hot. It’s so simple, yet far more exciting than often realized.

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