Yes, please understand that sex is my weapon!

Do women have too many weapons to use against men sexually? I had a little conversation about this recently with a caller I’d like to call “Eddie Haskell”. You remember Eddie, the suck up with motives on Leave it to Beaver. I love old classic shows.

Anyway, “Eddie”, the caller of mine, and I discussed all the power I have over him. I say it’s a talent all women have, and that many just do not know how to use it. Eddie, in typical form, told me “No it’s just YOU Lynnea”. Sure Eddie, and I bet my dress is lovely too.

Men have these teeny little buttons that can be easily pressed which will send little signals to their cocks. This signal reminds them that #1 they either must touch you or #2 they must touch “the cock” themselves.

As a woman, I have many weapons to use to push those buttons. It’s not so simple as having tits, an ass, and a juicy pussy. Those items are the BIG prize and a special privilege… it’s the subtleties of a woman that makes a man want her.

Like…. The way she flips her hair, the scent of her perfume, the way she bats her eyelashes, the way she licks her lips, the way she dangles her shoe off her toes, the way she glances at you, the look her flawless skin, the way she tilts her head at you when she talks, the way she licks an ice cream cone, the way she crosses her legs, the obvious pedicure she has, her thong peeking slightly out of the back of her jeans, and so on and so on and so on.

You get the point, don’t you? Just like my “Eddie Haskell” the caller says… Lynnea (me!) knows exactly how to rope in a man with her feminine weapons. What she does with you once she has used all of her sexy weapons on you… is TOTALLY her choice.

Would you believe me at all if I said I wasn’t a tease? Nah… I didn’t think so, but it was worth a shot!

Guess you only have one choice left then. I’ve got my weapon pointed at you dirty boy. Go visit my personal homepage by clicking on the words Phone Sex and call me. If you aren’t teased enough then go to my huge gallery by clicking on the words: Free Photo Gallery and let me tease ya just a little more!

sex is my weapon

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