Yes, that’s me. I am a petite blond cock tease with a warped and twisted mind. I guess this means I like head games. Teasing, I really love to tease men. Control, it’s just so awesome to overpower a man with my sexuality. Truly, I was born this way.

Cheap Phone Sex

Ever since I was a tiny girl, I knew how to wrap males around my finger. I can usually understand someone’s buttons pretty quickly and I love to push them… with my middle finger. Maybe I add in a hair flip. Perhaps I do it with a sideways smirk and doe eyes. And often a cute little head tilt helps get him going.

Most of all; it is my brain, my sensual mind… That truly twists a man up into horny tight little knots. I don’t always understand what I am doing right away; it’s a deeply embedded personality trait that I’ve always known. Yet other times I know precisely what I have done. Obviously, my creativity inspires me to walk that fine line between “cock tease” and “abuse”. I almost never allow it to become “painful”. Almost. Maybe.

I was talking to one of my long-time addicts clients today. I’ve written about him before which you can read HERE. We drew up the conclusion that I am a “petite blond with a warped and twisted mind”. I am Princess Bad Ass and I have the tee-shirt to prove it.

Cock teasing is such an exquisite little torture. Denial can make a man squirm. Delaying his orgasm as long as I want to; only encourages me more. My client R knows what to expect from me, he knows that I am a pleasure seeker. Of course, he knows that part of my pleasure comes from the head games we play. And lastly, he knows that he will never really win.

Because only I can.



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