Men DO Fantasize About Their Wife

phone sex isn't cheating


As a rule, a wife is going to hate the idea of her husband calling phone sex. Many women consider it to be “cheating”.  Naturally, I do not believe that phone sex is cheating. I believe it is nothing more than a masturbation aid. It’s porn for your ears rather than looking up videos. But that is a whole other story. Today my story is to focus on the wives and girlfriends of phone sex callers.


Here is the secret I want to tell my readers, no matter who you are! Men call me all the time and tell me about their wives or girlfriends… and they are NOT complaining. Often times callers tell me how hot their significant other is, how naughty, and even how much they appreciate them! Can you believe it? I hope so, as it is the truth!


Now, I do get guys who call and ask to talk about a topic such as anal sex or to do a fantasy about it. And sometimes they tell me it’s something their wife won’t do, and they don’t want to bother them about it. This may bother a wife if she knew. The reality is that her husband adores her and is interested in something sexually that she isn’t. He is finding a way to fulfill that desire without actually cheating. It is a way of respect even if the wife wouldn’t appreciate her man calling a phone sex operator.

Phone Sex isn’t Cheating

Even more impressive is the happily married men who call me to TELL ME about a sexual experience that they had with their wife or girlfriend. Typically I have found these callers to be educated or very intelligent. They are no longer interested in locker room talks with guys and know that it would disrespect their woman. Instead, they often call a phone sex girl like me and share their hot experience. It’s true! When they tell me their stories I can almost hear them drooling over it! I can hear and almost feel their memory.


Sometimes a sexual experience is so intense that its presence in your memory stays vivid for a damn long time.  You can almost rediscover and replay it through masturbation. I think that’s something everyone knows to be true. I hear that type of “memory story” a lot, and many times it is from a one night stand or a first-time type of adventure. But more often than you might think… it is a memory of their wife.


I have a huge amount of regular callers that literally call me to talk about their wives in a very positive way. That’s so cool. I think it’s great. So dear wife, if you are reading this… don’t be pissed that your man called a phone sex line. He may have very well be telling me how hot and sexy you are. He may have been bragging about you. Perhaps he just wants to share how great you are with someone. And the good news is I am a pro. The details of whatever he tells me are private and confidential. Trust me, he isn’t thinking about me when he’s enjoying you sexually.




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