Compliments will get you Everywhere with me


Got such a nice compliment from one of my regular callers. He’s been phone sex – ing me for a few years now actually! He said that no matter where else he’s gone for phone sex in the past — that phone flirts are still the best.

I’m a phone sex operator ya know? I hear that stuff all the time and see it in ads so it doesn’t impress me unless it follows with a bit more info about the REASONS for it. I need to hear the “emotions,” the “feelings,” and “the facts” with it so I know it’s genuine. That’s not to sound cynical, but I do get tons of compliments on the site and myself all day long, so I want to know the person means it. That way I can truly appreciate it. Just more real that way to me.

So anyway I thought I’d brag a bit and send him some kudos for being so sweet to me today. He said that I make it so obvious that I am interested in him when he calls. He said that I am actually listening to him, that he knows it, that he feels it, and that it makes all the difference in the quality of the call. He noted that he’s called other phone sex services and has gotten the old “moan and groan” sex line operator grunting while she reads her magazine. He told me about some other girl he called a few times that sat there recounting her health problems and some of them were “mental health” ones. So clearly he felt safe and comfortable giving his credit card info to us — because I am so “normal” that he can trust me.

I like that! And yesterday I had a guy call me and we had a nasty old fashioned phone fuck. I asked him beforehand what made him call me considering he probably viewed 1000’s of different phone sex sites. He said basically that my site was literally amazing and that I am a marketing genius. Now that was a great compliment yet at the same time I informed him it was no marketing ploy…. my site is homemade, the phone sex is honest, and the rates are reasonably priced. Never fear he told me, he did GET IT coming from me and the site! Now that’s what I’m talking about … compliments … they will get you everywhere with me! Hey, it gets you where you want to be with most chicks I think! And if you compliment me enough then yes, my pussy is going to get really wet. See how easy I am? (No pun intended … or maybe it is)

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