Mutual Masturbation…. hmmm

Just got off the phone with an old caller of mine that I had not heard from in awhile. It was great to hear his cute but sexy voice again; but even better was the orgasm I just had.

R is a very sensual type of guy and kind of into voyeurism and masturbation… the same way I am. When you are into those two things together, your fantasies are easier to experience in your real life too. That simply means that we both have stories to tell from our normal everyday lives that include masturbation and being a voyeur.

First, “R” told me a story about the first time that he masturbated with a woman watching him. I pretty much let him tell me the story in his own way and just listened closely. Then it was my turn. I told him about the first time I watched and was watched.

For me personally, that first-time experience was quite intense. I am sure it has always peppered my mutual masturbation experiences. It left a very dirty mark on me permanently that runs very deep. Even to discuss that experience with someone else gets me turned on. And today was no exception.

In some ways, it could be a silly or a simple story. It’s not full of phone sex operator shock-a-rama junk. It is just a very real and realistic story that is personally my own. And it affects me on a personal intimate level. It gets me hot to talk about it…. plain and simple

So back to my phone call again, “R” was turned on and leaking pre-cum. I could hear him stroking. I had to remove my drenched panties and get out my handy dandy vibrator. The rest is a pretty sticky history. I had to wash my hands. I had to wipe the seat of the chair off. “R” was covered in goo. But it was all worth it!


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