Lynnea Comments!

This past week was super hectic with calls! I spoke to a guy on Friday who will, of course, remain nameless… but HE will know who he is! He was so hot… I think we talked at least an hour, probably a little more. This was a totally new guy to me, and we talked a lot the other services he has used in the past. How crazy is it to spend $3.99 per minute and know that the girl is sitting in some cubicle? He had tons of bad experiences with that type of phone sex service. He said, “the operators make it obvious that they hate their job”. I thought that was interesting! How could any woman with a decent sex drive hate being a phone sex operator?

It is a very cool job. I work from home, I can study all day as I continue to work on my Master’s Degree in between calls. I don’t have some ugly boss standing over my shoulder. I can be in my nightie during a call or fully dressed with hair done etc. I can make damn good money that covers all my schooling costs, my living expenses, and my weekend entertainment. I get lots of FUN in this work for sure. I don’t just mean all the masturbation lol, I also mean that most callers are just great men to talk to! I just enjoy talking about mundane stuff with them and consider many them to be my friends. Something about phone sex just totally intrigues me, though, can’t explain it, can’t get over it, and can’t deny it. There is something really cool about doing something so private (masturbation) and being open about it with a total stranger! I love it so much I can’t say enough about it! I love those sounds that a man makes while he is doing his dirty deed. It is a thrill, a turn on, almost in itself a taboo! Thank goodness I don’t work in some stuffy office!

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