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I’ve been asked by many callers what I think about during masturbation. I thought I’d talk a little about my desires and how I masturbate to them. Ok granted the whole subject could be a book in and of itself LOL.

One thing I’ve learned from being a phone sex operator is that every fantasy is a bit different with a different person. Real sex is too of course. I don’t find that I have one single favorite phone fantasy… I think a lot depends on the chemistry that you develop with one another. It all depends on how you “connect” to the other person, it’s that chemistry that makes real sex or phone sex really good. But fantasies are fun, and it’s a way you always get to use your imagination and creativity. It’s like being a sex artist!

To share a fantasy with another person we have to rely mainly on how well we can verbalize them. It’s always been hard for me to describe my fantasies as a full-blown story with a beginning, middle, and ending. I do have some like that, but the majority are not.

Speaking for myself, I know that when I masturbate totally alone that it’s usually incoherent images in my head. I can jump from one image to another with no immediate theme to it. Sometimes it’s a past partner I think of, or maybe some guy I saw at the mall. I tend to most often think of the sex act itself. It usually doesn’t have a “back story” to it.

Or often when I masturbate I focus on the physical parts, namely mine. I look at my pussy in a mirror for instance and try to imagine how it looks to someone else. So, of course, I want to watch it while I finger it… even imagine the taste and scent of someone else too. As I touch myself, I might be thinking about how someone else would touch me the same way, etc.

Masturbation is kind of a selfish thing, not in a bad way mind you. It’s cool that we have the capability to take care of things ourselves, to settle our own urges. It can also be cool sometimes to not worry about pleasing a partner too. You can just lie back, and go for it.

To me, it’s also always been a cool thing to share a “masturbation” experience. I mean, let’s just admit it…. We aren’t sharing it with everyone we know. To talk openly about it is a bit taboo. I guess that’s why I run my own phone sex service one of the things that drew me to the business! But then again, I’m just a horny naughty thing too hehe.


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