Hot, Sticky, Drippy, and Wet

Damn! It got hot here real fast. Last week it was chilly then BAM summer hit. It’s damn hot already… and I am talking unable to breathe, body smacking sweaty sex hot. Did I say that?

I am a princess, I admit it. I have my central air on and turned down to 70 degrees baby. I like my condo nipple peaking cool. I don’t know how people live without it. What girl wants to sweat? I’m too feminine to sweat lol.

Man sweat, on the other hand, is kind of hot….. in that same power fucking, body smacking kind of way. I love to see men in the neighborhood mowing the grass with no shirts on and their skin kind of glistening. I may not be anxious to smell them… but I turn my head to look at that gorgeous glow.

So anyway my neighbor was doing that today, he must have had the day off work and decided to mow his lawn. He is this married dude, kind of quiet, always polite. But I have caught him on several hundred or so occasions leering at me while I wash my car or get some sun on my deck. I know what he is thinking, hell I make sure he is thinking it.

Today though while he was mowing the lawn I saw him get too sweaty. He had to take off his tee shirt and tuck it into his back pocket. His skin was a little shiny and I just sat at the window watching him. Yummy. I know he saw me at least for a good minute. I figured I owed him a good leering and today he got it.


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