The Sounds of Masturbation

the sounds of mastubation

Hello, you horny boys! I’ve been working my behind off a lot lately! I’m actually expanding the service… growing things and adding lots of new operators. I will eventually have girls for everyone’s “taste”. Right now I am so busy hiring them and training… that it doesn’t leave much time for me. But that won’t last long hehe. If you’d like to check out the ones I have recently added… go to this link Phone Sex Girls

I hope everyone faired well with their taxes! I am an early bird and have mine always done by Feb 15th. My accountant loves me and told me I am the MOST organized client he has… he suggested I teach a course in it lol. I wonder if he was just flirting with me.

On to the dirty parts! One of my cute shy guys called me bright and early this morning. I do love the shy ones! We talk a little, tease a little, flirt a lot… and then we get comfortable. For those of you reading this who didn’t know… comfortable means NAKED. He is usually so shy it’s almost like he is afraid to say something dirty before I do. I guess I don’t mind, it just allows me to take the reins then and lead him into dark moist places…namely mine. I adore his sounds… so quiet yet breathy. It’s a huge turn on for me to hear how different men sound when they masturbate.

I’m a thinker, a studier. And everything I do in life is very deliberate. I don’t make impulsive decisions, I don’t make foolish choices because I mentally plan my actions out carefully weighing all the options. This includes sex too.

Sure impulsive animalist raw power banging is awesome. I love it like that sometimes. But I normally prefer something slow, intentional, long, drawn out, and going to the brink of no return without fully ending things. I like a sex session to take a while. I like phone sex where we communicate and ease into each stroke with a building intensity. I am a pleasure seeker… in all ways.

My shy morning guy and I did it slow today. Sometimes we do not have to say much for a few minutes. His breathing works on me the same way mine must be working on him. The sounds of masturbation can seem so… well, dirty. It must be because no one is supposed to HEAR them. I dunno, I just know it’s exciting to me. Hearing soft little whimpers, heavy hard breaths, tiny little gasps…. gets my juices flowing. During my call today we let it build up with just our sounds, we speak and it releases a little, and then we go right back to the breathy build up. Nothing like a fresh morning orgasm to start the day off right!

It’s crazy, isn’t it? Writing a diary entry can be relieving, it can make me organize my thoughts better…. And it can totally turn me on too.

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