Intelligent Phone Sex

Intelligent Phone Sex

Phone Sex Requires Brains There is a common misconception that all Phone Sex Operators are dumb, uneducated, unemployable, and lazy fat housewives.  A Phone Sex Girl is considered much like a "catfish".... fake and just after a buck. Phone Sex...Read More
Phone Sex

Phone Sex for Regular Joe

Phone Sex is for Normal Guys Too There are trends in the phone sex industry.  Often it's a jump on the bandwagon type of situation that can start out with 2 or 3 ladies and then suddenly everyone is doing...Read More

Phone Sex Operator Interview

  Phone Sex Operator Interviews Piss me off! Just read yet another blog-magazine in the media with an interview of a phone sex girl. I hate these things for numerous reasons but the main one is that I feel like...Read More

Some FAQ About Lynnea

  I get asked many questions about phone sex from my callers. Often they want to know how I made phone sex into a business, how I feel about it, and little details like that. So I created this phone...Read More

Reality Phone Sex with Phone Flirts®

Reality Phone Sex I consider Phone Flirts to mean "reality" phone sex. That may be a hard thing to chew for many people, but let me explain what I mean. Since 1999 Phone Flirts have provided honest, professional, and amateur...Read More

The Many Moods of Sexy Lynnea

  If being a phone sex operator requires a specific "state of mind" from the caller's perspective than Lynnea has got it down pat. Lynnea's mood creates a tone for your call whether it is about erotic imagery, a passionate...Read More

The Princess of Seduction

Erotic Phone Sex   Do you like erotic phone sex? I promise you I know how to be feminine. I will bring out your natural male urges, so intensely that you will feel my softness beside you. I'm down to...Read More
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A True Phone Sex Story

  I talked to a new guy today from Florida and when I first start out on any call… I always ask a very specific phone sex question, it just helps me to really figure out the best way to...Read More
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Best Phone Sex

What Makes the Best Phone Sex? I figured I had better get on the ball and post to my diary. It’s been a busy new year for me, but it’s all good! I am busy making some plans with my...Read More
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Phone Sex Etiquette

Girls are like phones. We love to be held, talked too but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected! I've had callers in the past tell me how girls at different services were so mean to them. I've...Read More