The Many Moods of Sexy Lynnea



If being a phone sex operator requires a specific “state of mind” from the caller’s perspective, than Lynnea has got it down pat. Lynnea’s mood creates a tone for your call whether it is about erotic imagery, a passionate roleplay, or just the feeling of sensuality. Her words and emotions bring life to your fantasy.

Lynnea IS the girl next door in her neighborhood. She has a down home comfortable personality and it’s natural…. rather than her just putting you on. She’s a sweetheart with a little urban sensibility mixed into her old fashioned values. She can be comfortable wearing that little black dress ….or jeans and a belly shirt. She is a party girl that’s probably never lost a game of quarters or strip poker. She can turn the party on when she needs to, and turn you on when she wants to… As a career girl, she is creative, calculating and brilliant. She’s had her little business plan all along, as well a direction for the future. She can be a sensual seductress or a naughty sex kitten depending on her mood and your preference.

Lynnea has a voice like to other; she talks seductively and chooses her words with extra care by speaking slowly and with meaningful purpose. She is soothing, melodic, and uses her voice to seduce you. Her voice may literally be the sexiest on the planet and your cock has not been effectively stroked until it has been done by Lynnea.

Phone sex with Lynnea is more than an anatomy lesson, it’s being taken hostage by a hot little minx whose sensual moods fluctuate in ways that will leave you panting for more.


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