Suck My Face

This is going to be a boring post for something that expects me to shock them with lurid sex tales from a trampy phone sex operator. Today I was thinking about passion.

See when I was in high school I had that typical “sweetheart” relationship. I’m normal what can I say? We were so in love and could spend hours just kissing. We kissed in the backseat of our friend’s car, we kissed until our jaws were sore. We got detention multiple times for tonsil hockey sports in the halls.

I went to a large school too; I had a large graduating class so there were many kids that you just never even knew. To this day I can meet someone….. a guy, a girl, and just have a casual conversation that causes us to discover we graduated together. And the next comment is always “Oh I know who you are.. you dated Blankity Blank because I always say you two sucking face in the hall”. I have to laugh about it now, but we were very hot for each other and we had passion.

In general, I am a passionate person. I feel things deeply, I defend what I believe in passionately, and yes I still love to kiss with passion. Kissing is such a sensual act and there are so many ways to do it that can set the tone and mood for sex. A soft wet tongue tickling mine, swirling in my mouth, flicking around…… it’s literally delicious.

Kissing is a prelude to fucking and it tells you a lot about how the other person is going to fuck. Sloppy and aggressive? Or Juicy and soft? I’ll have both please with a side order of hard and deep. Can I have some passion sprinkled on that order too?

Well, all this talk about passionate kisses has me feeling a little too frisky. Better stop while I can still contain my urges for the next unsuspecting caller.


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