Blonde is Better

I’ve had a cool summer. I purchased a beach condo actually somewhere fairly close to home so I go as many weekends as I’d like. Next summer when I am more prepared I’ll be able to go down for weeks at a time and still take calls. Won’t that be cool to lie in the sun, maybe on the sand and try to masturbate secretly at the beach? I’ve already got plans for it.

From being in the sun so much at the beach, and at home here too – my hair has gotten quite blonde. Sometimes I put a little lemon in it, which of course helps the process along. I do love being a blonde. I can attract attention from my blonde locks. The lighter the locks the more attention I seem to attract. Of course, it’s intentional.

Ok, guys [insert dumb blonde joke here] Does it make me a bubble head? Ummmm sometimes…. but only in extremely adorable ways. Am I superficial and the stereotypical blonde who only cares about sex, flirting, teasing, and looking good all the time? Well… maybe sometimes.

Ok on to some phone sex talk. I’ve got this caller that I will call “P”. When he first started calling me he was a phone sex virgin and I always appreciate that. He was willing to learn, to explore, and to talk to me so that he knew I understood him. I like the virgin to phone sex; I popped his cherry and taught him some new tricks. Now we talk and masturbate together weekly. Over time we’ve gotten to know one another quite well which means we know one another’s sounds of intensity. I know when he is about to cum, and he seems to enjoy listening to me cum for him. And the main thing is…… he REALLY likes blondes he said. Lucky me!


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