Happy New Year Party!


I am glad the holiday hustle is pretty much over now. I’m not much for that stuff. I mean I’ve got the family and friend celebrations, the boyfriend’s work holiday party, and so forth — but I have to be more conservative at those events. I think this time of year is more aimed at people who have kids and I don’t. I’m sure when I grow up and settle down more that I will enjoy it all better.

New Year’s Eve is a different story. A night where it is ok to party hard, to drink, and stay out all night… NOW we’re talking my language. It’s true I am a party girl by nature and while I don’t drink all that often anymore — one night per year I make sure I DO get out of hand! And come on — if I had no exciting party life — would I have any good stories to tell otherwise? So here are my plans in case you are interested hehe.

I will wear a short semi-fitted black skirt with a slit on the right side and black stockings. underneath. I went clothes shopping recently and got new boots. They are knee high and fitted — sort of like go-go boots with a 3-inch heel and pointy toe. Absolutely perfect with a short skirt! Then I have this slim fitted lace camisole also in black which will be worn under a sheer silky black blouse. A little classy, and a little slutty since the top is sheer you can see the lingerie underneath. I also like the look of all black on a blonde so I will make sure my hair is pulled up a bit in front and snazzy.

I am going to dinner with my man and 2 other couples for some Italian food which is my favorite. After dinner, there is a party with a gang of my friends. I prefer a party at someone’s house over a bar on New Years since the clubs get too crowded. The atmosphere at a party is always different – ANYTHING can happen at a party, and I like that environment best. Especially if you hang out with this friend I have named Tom. You add a little alcohol to him and bam instant idiot. But I love it because he will do just about anything to anyone at any time. Wild is his keyword and he always makes the party worthwhile.

Also, my best girlfriend will be there too. This is the friend I grew up with this and basically, she will get totally wasted and embarrass herself. Also, fun for me to watch! Often our group of friends does not WANT to have both Tom and her together = because together they get more extreme, Since they will both be there tonight, I know it’s going to be good.

Now I also love sex after a good night of drinking. That’s the perfect end to the night. You can’t be too smashed mind you — but drunken sex is always more hard-core and animalistic. Maybe that’s the real reason I used to party a little too much? Could be, could be. So think of me tonight at about 2 or 3 am fucking my man’s brains out because that should be about the time that we are going at it. hehe

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