Girl Gone Wild

So I went to the local salon yesterday evening. I don’t normally leave during my work schedule but since the holidays are falling on weekends this year I had no choice. I got my eyebrows waxed. I got my nails done. I got my toenails done. I got my hair highlighted just a touch.

Two weeks ago I got a new outfit. I got it at Victoria’s Secret, and yes they sell more than just lingerie. I got a cute form fitted sweater with a v-neck that crisscrosses. It’s ALMOST off my shoulders and the color is passion pink lol. I got a pair of stretchy tight fitting jeans that sit low on my waist.

I did all this for New Year’s Eve – a time in which I intend to party my little heinie off. I will go out with some of my very best friends to drink shitloads of beer and shake my booty. I am a beer girl through and through…I do like Vodka but I don’t drink those foofoo sissy girlie drinks with umbrellas or fruit. I don’t drink often anymore, but when I do I pretty much wanna get wasted.

I’m a conservative type of person in general until you really get to know me. Maybe reserved is a better choice of words. But once you get to know me my wit comes across much clearer and so forth. I’m very ladylike I guess and well mannered in public for instance. But when I drink – I tend to totally drop my guard.

My best girlfriend and I drink alike. Does that make sense? Let me explain better. We grew up together, we learned to drink together, to sneak out of the house, and all the naughty things you do in school. We drink at the same identical pace. We have about the same tolerance level, and we get silly together at the exact same time. We also compete… who can be MORE obnoxious etc once we’ve hit the perfect buzz? We were very popular at frat parties or in bars a few years back. We’ve both settled down a wee bit… but every new years eve we get crazy again.

So all you perverts and casual surfers think of me tomorrow night about 11:45 pm having to be picked up off the floor. I intend to party down. Don’t worry I won’t be driving! So you have a safe and Happy New Year too!!!!

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