The Best Way to Get Laid


Ah, Valentine’s Day was so nice this year. I got pampered, spoiled, and taken out! I got the full body sexy massage in the morning when I woke up. After that sensual experience, he fucked me and oh yes he did me quite good. Since it was early we decided to go to breakfast. I got a shower, didn’t put on much makeup and pulled my hair back. When we got back he gave me my official Valentine’s Day gift — a pretty 14kt gold diamond necklace with earrings to match. I thanked him with more sex.

He took me shopping to that wonderful guy of mine. And at Victoria’s Secrets in the mall, I got a pale pink sexy V-neck sweater and of course lingerie. At home again I had to shower after a 3rd round of fucking. I decided to wear my new sweater that night to dinner where we met up with some friends. It was a casual night out — and my sexy man gave me a dozen roses before we left. He was very full of surprises!

After our yummy dinner, we went club hopping. This is a dangerous thing for me as I can drink far too much. Of course, I did that. My guy is so great he didn’t even get mad when I was loud, crazy, and flirtatious with other guys at the bar. He can laugh it off since he knew I would be going home with him again for more sex.

the moral of this story is that presents will get you everywhere with a girl! Believe me — my sweet sugar lips got everywhere with me.

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