The Canadian Bastard

I’m letting every reader of my diary know that I have this wonderful, sweet, polite, classy, and hot Canadian Caller. We’ve talked for quite awhile now in every naughty way, and we’ve talked on a more personal level too. We can joke around together (Hence the title of this post – it’s a friggin joke people). You might say “Bastard” has become our pet name for each other lol. He just an all-around nice guy that I am always glad to hear from. And let me tell you the horny bastard calls me a lot!

He is always telling me that my diary got him too horny so I decided to write something just for him. So here is my personal note to him.

Hi Bastard,
Got ya today with my little joke! Thanks for spending some time just talking to me this morning. I think you are a doll and not only are you a great person that I am lucky to know… but you are pretty kinky too. That’s a good quality in my book. Keep that cock warm for me until Monday!



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