The Art of Flirting

art of flirting

Today I thought I’d share a little post about one of my favorite callers. He is a true naughty phone sex fiend. I will call him “N” from Kentucky. I adore men who appreciate the art of flirting. You see my dear readers I am also a natural born flirt.

I love the game of flirting with a guy and “N” totally appreciates it. He tells me my voice makes his cock melt in his hands. I’ve never actually gotten to see that, but I suspect he is being honest from the moaning that comes down the telephone line. It sure as hell sounds like he sprung a cum leak.

“N” has a little kink for stockings, panties, and thongs. Being the lingerie slut that I am, I know how to tease him to hell and back. So I seduce him often, not often enough for my tastes because he really is a sweet baby doll. But I take what I can get.

Today was interesting, though. See “N” is taking a few college courses and he was chatting with me online from the computer lab at his school. You know….. where lots of other people were around him, so it wasn’t possible for him to beat his meat off. I totally flirted and teased him. To make matters worse I sent him a short dirty video clip of me that he obviously could not download at school. He protested for a whole 3 seconds I think. He liked it, the tease, the waiting…. knowing full well he won’t be able to watch my video clip until late tonight after his busy day. I, of course, knew this as well. But it didn’t stop me, it never stops me, it only encourages me.

I have to admit it, I like knowing poor “N” will be horny the rest of his day wondering about that little clip. Oh, and it’s a good one too I might add. I wonder how long after he arrives home tonight that he will jerk off to it? I know he’d better email me with all the sordid sticky details.



Author: Lynnea

Let's have phone sex together soon!

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