I get questions all the time. I thought I’d share the most common phone sex questions that I get daily, in a post on my blog today!

Are there hidden fees? How does this work? Do you hang up on me at the end of my time? What can we talk about? Are you going to mail me anything?

First off I think that callers of phone sex are all worried about the same stuff, and a business with any level of authenticity would put themselves OUT of business if we did totally stupid things! Discretion is a major part of this industry. Yeah, I have heard some horror stories over the years but basically, that is the minority.

Nope Phone Flirts doesn’t have any sort of connection fee. The rates here are clearly defined. There are no hidden fees or things added on. Your minutes aren’t fudged on or added to either.

All ya gotta do is call with a credit card and be prepared to give billing information to be processed for your call. Phone Flirts is just like any other business online, so expect to give me as much info as you would at Amazon, Overstock, or any other retailer. You call time doesn’t actually begin until all the billing is taken care of. Simple.

As far as hanging up… no, I don’t just abruptly hang up on a client. I have manners lol. We’re real people, you and me, so normally I like to close out a conversation in a real human way. If I was rude… would you call back?

I talk about all sorts of things with my callers. It could all be a fantasy or it could be real communication about sex topics. For instance, we may talk on a personal “real” level or we may completely make up a detailed smut story. The point is that we’re not limited by anything else other than our own imaginations or the mood that we’re in.

Of course, I’m not gonna mail you anything. That’s one of those “I’d put myself out of business” types of stupid things I mentioned earlier. I know it is a concern of course, but remember that part of my business is discretion. Sending mailings of any kind is not done, nor do I sell, give, or trade your info with another business.

These questions are all already covered on the website, but I thought I’d mention them again here.



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