Your Credit Card Info is Safe with Me

Today a caller rang me and damn it if I didn’t need to reboot my stupid computer. I told him so and asked him to ring me back in a few minutes. He did, unfortunately, my system was still loading in and he had to wait a few extra minutes for me. I used the time to tell him why.

I protect my computer in a major way, it makes it load a little slower. My system holds client information which would be highly sensitive info. While nobody else lives with me, I have this sucker set up like fucking Fort Knox. Windows is password protected. I use a few different browsers… all password-protected to use. I keep the minimal PCI-compliant info stored in yet another password-protected database. I stay away from Microsoft products which are usually the easiest to hack. I am up to date on all virus protection and my system is scanned all the time for spyware. I have a bitchy firewall. Your info is never stored across open, public networks. Oh, I also do the same protocol on my laptop too.

Do you care about this? It sure ain’t sexy talk. You SHOULD care about this if you call a phone sex girl or any phone sex service. How is your info stored? How is it protected? Is it protected at all? How many people can view it? Who else has access to their computer? This is stuff men with boners rarely think about when blood is not in their brains.

Not only am I smart enough to know all of this…. You also know that it is safe to call me. Does it make you horny? Then whip it out for me when you are ready!


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