Yes. I am a party girl by nature. I was born a flirt. I like to have fun. Can I be home on New Year’s Eve? HELLLLLL NO. I got plans tonight baby, I’m going out, and there will be heavy drinking of alcohol involved. You didn’t really think a girl like me would stay home, did you?

I got my outfit selected. I bought some new lipstick. I got the tunes picked out. I got friends and the man lined up. Ahhh New Year is totally one of my favorite holidays. It’s what life is all about… getting drunk and passing out in a corner… er oh, I really mean… “It’s about cutting loose and having a BLAST”.

It’s kind of like phone sex actually. Same kind of freedom. Same kind of fun. Just usually not so much alcohol. Talking to me is cheaper than a case of beer, though. So set your resolutions, and be sure to include a call to me, cause… the new year is gonna be awesome.


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