Getting to Know All About Me

Hey! For something different I thought I might post some things, you may not have known about me. Ok, so this is boring mundane crap… but also just who I am! Yes, I am really boring and mundane in my regular life sometimes. I don’t live the life of a sex goddess damn it. I have to make some changes I guess 🙂



I am a huge Howard Stern fan, I listen every day and am a superfan.
I’m an animal lover, I volunteer my time and money to donate to shelters.
I am a purse addict. I buy a new purse for every season, and they are all black.
I am a Star Wars geek, and I beat everyone at any Trivia game on it.
I love odd and unusual collectibles, and I have many weird collections.
I am not squeamish, and I like scary movies.
My favorite place to be is the beach.
I love pizza and beer.
I drive an SUV and I like to drive too fast.
I do yoga daily both in the morning and at night.
My favorite season is Autumn.
My favorite holiday is Halloween and I love to dress up for it.
I like Guy Movies better than Chick Flicks.
I hate it when a guy sends me flowers.
I would make a crappy housewife because I hate to clean.
My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.
I love Italian Food and my favorite is Gnocchi.
My perfect date is … dinner, movie, drinks, and sex. In that order.
I am attracted to a man’s hands.
I have an extensive education and a vast amount of common sense.
It’s difficult for anyone to lie to me without me catching them.
I have a cynical side and my trust is earned.
I have a warped and twisted sense of humor.
I find humor in many inappropriate things and laugh at things that make others cringe.
I am witty and sarcastic but always in a fun way.
I often say what I think bluntly, and some people do not appreciate it.
I have a very deep fear of drowning.
I dislike people who are “too nice and sugary” because I find it to be very false.
I’m laid back and rarely “seek” to be the center of attention.
I am confident without arrogance.
It is hard for me to accept compliments or gifts.
I have a shy side in large groups of people.
I really hate crowds, I will deal with it but get impatient.
I swear like a drunken sailor and love to find new ways to curse.
I am gentle and very sweet.
I have a well-rounded education and am well traveled.
I was once told that I have a very high degree of ethics and character.
I flirt with everyone, even women or grandmothers.
I keep my friends for years and years.
I love phone sex and love what I do!

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