Mutual Masturbation is HOT!

I often get calls from guys who say things like “I decided to call you because you seem real” yet some of these guys have never looked at my photos. I think my personality comes through as genuine even in my writing. Cool, that’s a compliment.

Still, other times I get calls from guys who say “I really want to masturbate with a girl, but most phone sex operators don’t”. They often tell me that they believe I do. This was the exact conversation I had with a guy just a few minutes ago. Cool, ’cause I do.

Yes, I DO masturbate on calls, but keep in mind that not all guys even care. Some callers are into their fetish or have a roleplay in mind already. (Please note: doing a roleplay makes it difficult for the girl to masturbate if you like both.) I get to know my callers and I know who I can, and cannot cum with. Both are fine by me, and each type is an enjoyable call for me.

So today a new guy called, and he was into the mutual masturbation idea and understood my site. He also said I was extremely cute and that he loved my voice… and compliments get you everywhere with me.

It just so happens that prior to his call I was starting my yoga routine. I practice yoga every single day… 20 min in the morning and 20 min at night before bed. I am not a girl who wants to sweat a lot, cause sorry ladies but it never looks cute. For yoga, you really do need appropriate clothes and the shirt I had on today was kind of a flirty off-the-shoulder type that would not work well. So – I took it off. I never wear a bra and there I was boobs free in the breeze going into my mountain pose….. when the phone rang.

I set up his call topless, and luckily this guy was into mutual masturbation. I’d have felt kind of stupid playing the dirty college student looking for a better grade roleplay with no top on. Yes, this client got me off, made me happy, and was super sweet.

The moral of the story is this: Yes I am a phone sex operator, but I am probably not walking around my house in lingerie and high heels just waiting for your call. However, I might be doing topless yoga and that’s still a good start! And yes, I am one of those genuine phone sex girls that do not want to appear in porn movies but is totally into masturbation. Yes, fellas, we are not a figment of your imagination.



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