Morning Coffee and Panty Pus



I have this fantastic specialty bakery near my condo and they serve the best coffee. Every morning I stop there bright and early for a hot cup. It’s best in the winter of course because the whole place just warms you up with delicious smells of baked bread and sweet rolls. In the summer it’s extremely hot in there due to the ovens. I shudder what people go through in the hot afternoons.

Anyway since it can still be pretty humid in the summer to be stepping into a warm place like that, I must wear very little clothes. Today when I went in I had on cut off shorts which do run rather small and a little black tank top with spaghetti straps that reveal my bra straps. I might slip on a normal pair of tennis shoes and just grab my wallet and car keys. Usually, businessmen and women are the ones grabbing a cup of java in the morning, so I sort of stand out in my “dressed down” clothes.

Today this extremely good looking businessman was in front of me. I had never seen him in there before. He was well groomed and well dressed in his suit. Normally I am more attracted to a guy in jeans, a more rugged look; but this one was so attractive and even smelled great. He didn’t seem to pay much attention to me beyond a glance he gave me when I stepped in line. But I kept checking HIM out, I sort of shifted my positions several times to see him better lol. I think I may have been a little too obvious that I was ogling him.

When the cashier went to ring him up he said, “Please include the lovely lady’s order behind me also.” And so he paid for my coffee. I stood there until he got his change and thanked him. He said and I quote, “no thank YOU, it’s a pleasure to buy coffee for such a naturally gorgeous young lady.”

What a way to start my morning off right! A hot guy, a hot cup of coffee, and a fresh pair of panties soiled already! Turn me on with compliments and I can’t help it if I drip like a faucet. lol

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