I have one caller with a very simple fantasy… cumming on a girl’s face. He called me today as he does often. Usually, we set up our themes, our scenarios, and then roleplay them. I am his bitchy girlfriend and I am sick to death of his jerkin’ off habits. He follows me all over the house when I try to do everyday things while he splats a wad on my face. Like maybe I am talking on the telephone to my girlfriend and he shocks me with a sperm “pie” in the face for example.

The thing that is great about “R” is that we can laugh, crack jokes, exaggerate the roleplay, and crack up together the whole time. It’s cool when you can click in that way with someone. I support fun phone sex lol. I support humor.

“R” is extremely easy to please which is always a nice quality… but sometimes I like to see just how easy he is. On today’s call, we decided that my female friend from work would be coming over for a quick lunch meeting with me. Of course, there is my fantasy boyfriend with the nasty masturbation habit of rubbing one out while I complain he is too much of a pervert. “R” laughs and laughs. I tell him …. “Quick get out of here and do that in the bathroom like a normal man before my very innocent friend shows up”. He protests, he selfishly flings cum on my face. I act appalled. We laugh again. The doorbell rings. Oh my goodness, I am in a panic because my sweet friend from work will be shocked at how kinky my man is. I open the door to let her in………

“R” is laughing and laughing with his normal enthusiasm and slapping away at his cock with intensity. I hear it “whack whack whack” in the background. He says, “Lynn… tell me what your friend is wearing”………..

I decided to find out just HOW easy “R” is to please now. We’ve known each other for about 2 years, we click, we have fun. I say…… “She’s dressed like Grimace… the purple guy from McDonald’s”. (Ok weird but I wanted to see his reaction)

After “R” quit laughing hysterically… never missing a stroke….. he said, “Ok cool… can she remove the mask though so I can squirt her in the face”?

I said….. “of course, she can silly”. And so she did.



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