Jacking Off is the Reason for the Season

I had a nice brand new caller yesterday. He told me he liked my website because of the language I used. So, of course, I pressed the issue as to what he meant. He said the website SPOKE to him like a normal person might speak to him, without insulting his intelligence. He said that I came across as a real person rather than a corporate product.

I love it when a caller understands the method to my phone sex madness. It shows me that I am doing things the right way because I am attracting the right people. I am having fun doing my so-called job. It is a job because I must be professional in certain ways such as how I present myself to you. But I am also a real person that enjoys having a good time. I really do like what I do and I feel it shows!

I just happen to feel that FUN is sadly ignored in the phone sex business. Like those ads that you see in magazines or on late night TV. They come across as so serious and robotic rather than making it a personal experience. And based on what you naughty guys tell me, that is what the experience is often like too. Even the majority of the millions of phone sex sites out there subscribe to the theory of using cliches.

I just can NOT do things that way. I wouldn’t want to either; I like it that I approach everything with the fun in mind.

Well, I just thought I would shoot out a quick message today so that I can wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. Have some fun! It gets pretty busy around here so I don’t always have the time to write in my diary as often as I would like to. But I know you forgive me.

Happy Holidays from Lynnea!

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