Sex All Day Long Yesterday

My boyfriend was over last week one day and I was having some work done by a designer which he became aware of. (she did a great job on my blog didn’t she?) I don’t share much about the day to day work stuff with my boyfriend, and honestly, he doesn’t care a whole lot about advertising, marketing, and web design.

He asked me if I ever write about him, and I said no I really didn’t. He told me that I should. I asked him, “Well honey what should I write”? He said very arrogantly that I should post about what a stud puppet he is.

It’s true I guess… he IS my little stud puppet. I like to put him to work a lot… men are supposed to do a lot of work you know. But the job is always my body. This past Sunday (yesterday) we decided to stay in bed pretty much all day for sex. We don’t see each other much during the week so we have lots of fucking to squeeze into the weekends. Saturday was some holiday thing we had to do, and that means we were not at my place banging that night. We saved it up for Sunday then.

Did you ever try to do that? Just stay in bed all day and fuck? I mean, basically you do have to get up to use the bathroom, and sometimes it’s because there is some cum stuck in your hair etc. You also do need to eat as well because good sex makes you hungry. And of course, you must replenish fluids frequently. But the rest of your time is spent on sex. Sure, you do end up red and raw… but do you REALLY mind that? I don’t.

I am proud to share that my stud puppet was able to get his dong stiff 11 times yesterday. We did it predominately in bed, once on the floor. As you can see… it is true he is a stud. Now he can be happy when I tell him I posted about him.

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