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Ready to jerk off until you reach oblivion? Sink into that porn addiction even more so that you ooze brain cells! A Gooner like you needs help sometimes being led down the rabbit hole… and tempted by sexy Gooner girls. We’ll become part of your Gooner addiction and help you edge all day with porn assignments. Or hell, we’ll watch porn WITH you and tell you how stupid you are becoming. We might humiliate you verbally while you edge to the sickest porn you can find!

Gooner Girls

Definition via Urban Dictionary

A person who commits the act of Gooning. In more extreme cases, many people choose to go so far with Gooning, that they willingly develop a porn addiction and base their life around it. To them, porn is everything. There is no ultimatum greater than porn, and many even seek out other Gooners just to discuss how amazing porn is, as their life spirals into complete depravity.

Gushing gonads… Throbbing pussiesSlick, wet, and juicyPorn is your Goddess. YOU are nothing without porn. Admit it, are a Pornosexual and you crave to be ruined by porn.  And you crave the rejection of real women and you need encouragement for your porn addiction. We are here to help you… Gooner, because when you give porn to stupid men they just get more stupid.

You’ve got that itch. That urge. That compulsion. The craving you can never hold back for long.

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