Just Had an Orgasm


I was exceptionally horny today. For no apparent reason. My boyfriend came over at about 10:30pm after I was done with my calls for the night. He is usually here all weekend, but he had to work Saturday from 9am-1pm as he was moving his office. So Normally I get a good morning bone, but not this week since he had to leave. I was disappointed but I distracted myself with chores. When my man got back from all the moving, he was sweaty. I love a sweaty manly man — but alas he was very tired so he went right into the shower. Again I felt cheated … so while I listened to the water run in my shower I whipped out my handy dandy vibrator. I removed my jeans and just slide my panties to the side and rubbed my puffy clit with the setting on high. Suffice to say I came in minutes — all before he was even done in the shower. The good news is I know he will fuck me soon; probably after dinner. Just thought I’d post this so that you naughty boys could read it fresh … just after I’ve cum.

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