phone sex faqs

phone sex faq

Is this for real?

Oh yes, it is. I am a business with a merchant account which means my company has been investigated by a bank. I went to great efforts to make this business a professional one which means it’s very real. Phone Flirts is a long-standing trusted name in the phone sex industry, both with callers and with peers.


How Long Have you been in business?

I’ve been right here for a long time, and my business is not going anywhere. Also, I’ve continued to grow my company over the years. I’ve remained a small phone sex service because I work from home and I just feel it’s more intimate. So I strive to STAY small. And yes – despite my naughty ways – I have an excellent reputation on the net because my motto is: “The customer always comes/cums first”.


Why are your rates so cheap?

First, there is no such thing in the phone sex industry as a”standard” rate. I can basically charge whatever I like, and for whatever reason I like. For me; I charge what I consider to be a FAIR rate. I invest money into the business, I pay my taxes, and I make a profit. Also, I LIKE what I do, so I keep the rates fair and reasonable – with no hidden fees and no added charges. I reward longer calls and those who enjoy a longer phone sex session by making the rates cheaper the longer you talk! There are NO additional charges, no set-up fees, and no bullshit added fees!


Are you an actress?

Nope, I’d make pretty lousy actress because I behave like myself on the telephone. I’m an amateur phone sex slut and that means to me that I do this because I LIKE it!


Do you take calls at times other than your posted schedule?

The answer is – maybe! I may stay up later, I may start earlier, and I may even occasionally stay home on weekends to take some calls. There is not normally a rhyme or reason to it, and it’s not a guarantee. I encourage you to simply pick up the telephone… and call me. If you do not reach me then you will get my “After Hours Service” which will still connect you to a live girl anyway!


Do you meet your callers?

No. I do have a private life, which may include having a boyfriend/lover already. I’ll never lie to you and claim to be interested just to string you along. While it is a disturbing trend in the industry to do that – I don’t play that way. I’m honest and upfront about it. I also always have to keep my own personal safety in mind! I’m really not looking to meet anyone through phone sex. It’s a lot of fun, but remember there is still a business side here too.


Do you have “taboos”? Can we talk about anything?

We cannot talk about ANYTHING that is illegal, and I’m not interested in it anyway. If you are unsure and feeling that I may not like your fantasy then feel free to email me and ask. I’ll be honest with you.


How can I make the best of my phone sex call?

Just be yourself. Talk to me like a friend, and be upfront with what you want/expect. If you don’t know – then I will probably take the lead, and ask you some questions. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let me know what you want to talk about. I enjoy “interaction” with you – and that’s how I make it a personalized service!


Do you keep my info on file?

Only the necessary info will be on file. When you call back you don’t have to give out all your info again. If we don’t hear from you for 6 months – all your info is destroyed.


Who will answer the phone when I call?

I will! My toll-free number rings to my personal line. The only time you won’t reach me is if I am “unavailable” or off my schedule. In that case, you’ll reach my After Hours Service. You’ll still hear my voice on that recording explaining how it works.


Is this a call center? Where are you located?

Nope, you are calling me directly at my home.


How do the charges appear on my bill?

Just give me a call and simply ask! I’m happy to tell you. I do not post the billing name on the site simply in the case of a “wife” or “girlfriend” discovering a bill and popping the name into the search engines only to discover this site. This is part of the discretion that I offer to my callers.


What are the charges?

Please see the main page for the rates. They are clearly posted and outlined. A 10-minute call is only $14.99 billed to your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.


Will I receive mailings at my home?

Never will you receive any mailings from me. I do business privately and discreetly. Nothing, nada, and never!


Why do you need all this information from me?

I need your information in order to process your credit card. Then I will run a quick and simple Address Verification check to be sure the card belongs to you. Also, I work overtime to avoid fraud, which not only protects me but you as well. After your first call with you will never have to give me this info again. There is no anonymous way for you to do call.


What information will I be asked for and why?

I will only ask you for information that I need to set up your account for billing purposes. This simply means that I’ll be asking you for detailed information. In all cases, you will be asked for your date of birth, your billing address, your full name, and telephone number, etc. This information that I collect is used ONLY for billing purposes. I do NOT do mail outs or send you junk. Phone Flirts never sell, trade, or give your information out to anyone else for any reason.


 How do I know my info will be kept safe and that I will be billed correctly?

I love phone sex, but again, I have invested a lot in my business and plan to be around a long time. I’d have put myself out of business a long time ago if I had a “get rich quick” attitude. Your credit card information is as safe with me as it is at any retail store. Yet if you have been billed incorrectly and yes it does happen occasionally, I will fix the error immediately. The billing procedure is very secure. I have no online databases that someone can hack into. I never transmit your personal info through email. My computer is virus protected, password-protected, and my database is encrypted. I do not use any Microsoft products at all.


Can I buy your worn panties?

No, I don’t sell worn panties, it’s a bio-hazard by federal law. In fact, I don’t sell any physical items at all.


What is phone sex?

Phone sex is an interactive erotic conversation between 2 adults that inspires mutual masturbation, fantasy, roleplay, heavy breathing, and hopefully a few orgasms.


What do you mean by an “interactive” conversation?

Well, hopefully, both people involved decide to communicate with one another.


How do you actually “interact” with phone sex?

First of all, phone sex is always 1/3 imagination, and if you have a vivid rich one then you may want to fantasize about what you might do with me if we were together. Or we can also be realistic and discuss what we are actually doing to ourselves – masturbation. We can create an entire scene/fantasy, do roleplay, or even explore a fetish.


What is the difference between a roleplay and a fantasy during phone sex?

A fantasy could be a little like an erotic story that one of us, or both of us tell during our call. Naturally, a lot of imagination is mixed in as well as descriptive words. A roleplay is almost like a mini-movie that one of us will direct. We’ll create a scene and interact… to literally “act” out the fantasy.


Do you do anything else for a living?

Yes. I have graduated recently and I now work outside of my home in another field of work. (If you are curious about that I will share it via telephone) I started Phone Flirts to help me pay my way through college… and it did.


Do you really “get off” on calls?

Sure – every chance I get. But remember I get ALL types of calls that include roleplays, fantasies, and etc. I don’t get to cum as often as I’d like… but I know who I can feel free with on the phone too. Sure, I masturbate on calls – not always cumming mind you… sometimes just playing a bit with my pussy is fun. Plus, I am able to cum multiple times per day like most girls hehe.


Do you really like your callers?

Of course, I do! What’s NOT to like about them? Most guys who call me are just regular people first… and naughty second. I enjoy all forms of conversation with my callers. Most of all it’s fun for me to get to know new people in general, but it’s always EXTRA fun to get to be naughty with new guys.


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Text Me: ‪412-212-3046‬



I'm currently available for calls from 10 am until 7 pm EST Monday through Friday. Weekends are by appointment only just send me an email or a text. Sexting can be done after 7 pm and by appointment on weekends. 



Privacy is extremely important to callers and to me as well. Here are a few important points about how I handle your privacy!


  • I do not use your address to send you mail, I don't sell your info to any 3rd parties. And lastly, I never share your information with anymore.
  • I keep the billing name for your card private by not posting it on my website. I don't want your significant other to discover a bill and do a Google search on the name and find this website. I will however tell you on the phone right away and probably more than once. I assure you it is very discreet and non-descriptive.
  • I do not store your information anywhere that is online. My computer is extremely well protected with several layers including passwords for literally everything. My computer is in my home office which is locked when not in use. I live alone.
  • I am an independent operator but run my own company. Everything is legal from my merchant account to PCI Compliance. I own a Trademark, I have the site Copyrighted, and run this service as a real business... because it is. 
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