Tapestries of Lust

I like rugged men, the kind that looks good in blue jeans and a tee shirt. A little bit of stubble from not shaving is good hmmm. But then again I also like the look of a man in a suit … you know dressed completely proper and freshly shaven. I like men who wear cologne, but I also get wet from a man drenched in sweat. I like guys with long hair you know — very rebellious and naughty. But I also like the clean-cut neat style on some guys. Blondes are hot but; tall, dark, and handsome are damn tasty too. I notice different things on different men — for some, it’s their eyes, and for others, it is a nice tight ass. I like a man’s hands … total turn on and maybe I am weird but just little silly things like that I notice. My imagination is pretty rich I suppose, and I am a people watcher so I notice the details … and my mind starts creating. I can weave whole tapestries of lust in my mind by just seeing a man I like.


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