Star Wars Turns Me On!

Well, this week the new Star Wars comes out and yes, I’ll be there. I’ve been counting down the days… hell I’ve been counting down the last 3 years actually. You see it’s true and I have to admit to it. I am a total Star Wars geek. I love the films, I collect some of the toys, I know all trivia, and I have seen each film hundreds of times. I am the only chick I know that’s such a fan and I am hoping it means I’m just cooler than most girls lol. I don’t know why or even how I became such a huge fan… maybe it’s the fact that Darth Vader resembles my vibrator? I do have this long black smooth one that I like quite a bit. Or maybe it’s these young hot men dueling with big lightsabers that can really get me going. Maybe it’s just the adventure and the excitement. Whatever it is I know I will be there on Thursday with a big bag of popcorn ready to be entertained.


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