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This Site Map was written by Lynnea on 06/18/03
The Last Update to it was done on 9/4/16

Phone Flirts® has been in business since 1999. This site is scattered all over the Internet and this service been seen in many magazines. We’ve been a popular service among callers of cheap phone sex for multiple reasons. So I created this page to explain why, and I’ve provided links to some of the many cool things are offered on this site. If you are a Professional in the phone sex industry or adult industry and would like to interview me or work with me please see my Media Kit.


The “Down Home” or “Amateur” phone sex style is genuine. You know what amateur means don’s you? Well let me explain: I don’t have an over produced glossy “image”. I don’t work in an office or use scripts on the calls. I’ve never been “trained” to be a phone sex operator. This isn’t an adult business with 100’s of websites, and I try to keep everything I do as UNIQUE. It also means I am not some big corporate office style business, I am a real live girl that works from home. This is a personalized phone sex service. This IS also an amateur phone sex service… and that means I do this because I like it and that I give many things away for FREE.


While being an amateur has its perks, this service is also extremely professional. This means I have invested in Federal Service Marks and Copyrights. Phone Flirts was literally the very first phone sex service on the Internet to have a Registered Trade Mark. The site name has become quite popular over the years and I believe it to be a wise investment to protect my interests. And by the way – I’m not falsely blowing smoke up your ass. I really was one of the very first to take my business so seriously, and I was successful enough to need it. That gives you proof of what I mean when I say “professional”.


I had a blog since 2000, often it was pretty lame and I completely updated everything in 2002 and started it over from scratch. My Phone Sex Diary is simple, sometimes I tell stories about the industry, callers, or share personal stories. Over the years I have become a much better writer and I think that shows. I write in my own “voice” so you may notice that I can be humble and arrogant at the same time lol. I have written many things that I am quite proud of, and I try to put myths to rest all the time.


I also actually DO like phone sex I got into the business because I liked it I’ve stuck in it because I like it. The rates are cheap because I like it, and want them that way. I have the freedom to run my business the way I want to. But again, don’t think that just because my rates are cheap that Phone Flirts has no value….I just happen to have a good business plan and feel that most rates are over inflated.


Phone Flirts has fantastic customer service skills! This means that any conflict or problem that arises will be resolved to your complete satisfaction. I’ve always worked hard to keep callers happy by putting them FIRST in every matter. Our billing department is quick to resolve any issue that’s needs addressed. Feel free to check out the contact page to see the various ways you can reach me.


This service is not a huge corporation and you won’t have to jump through hoops to talk to me. I have a simple billing procedure where we collect information over the phone from you. Once you are a processed caller – you never have to give out the info again.


Phone Flirts is completely private. I will never sell our database or any information that you give us. I do not do “mail outs” to your home. I won’t commit an “invasion of client privacy” issue for you as a person, or with your credit card information. I will never post your personally identifiable info on this site. Whatever you say or discuss with me isn’t discussed on forums or made fun of.


This business does well because it’s inventive, creative, and I am a hard worker that believes in the product I sell. I write all the content …. including things such as My Phone Sex Diary. I have free adult desktop wallpaper, a number for UK Phone Sex, a $10 buck phone fuck line, a free thumbnail gallery, an erotic audio page, an Adult Podcast, details about my After Hours Line, and I even have my own photo gallery. I do Sexting with some of my callers in addition to just calls.


I’ve written an extensive Phone Sex FAQ page all about my company and the phone sex service. I highly suggest you read it so that you know exactly whom you are dealing with when you call!


I’ve made available some of my Callers Comments about my services and so forth. These are real and genuine comments collected from many guys over a long period of time. I think they are all wonderful comments, but mainly they give you a good example of how this phone sex service is run. I wrote a blog post about the types of guys and their personalities that would enjoy phone sex with me.
I basically try to do business as honestly as I can, and without a lot of complexity. Hell – it’s just phone sex… mutual masturbation and not rocket science. And thank goodness, as I happen to think phone sex is a shit ton of fun! I love Phone Flirts and believe that it shows! I also promote a healthy dose of fun and I think it’s also pretty clear!


I also have a more professional portion to our service. It’s for callers who want more variety and availability. So if you can’t get a hold of me… or maybe prefer someone a little different then ring my Phone Sex Flirt Line.