Not interested in Phone Sex but love SEXTING?


Hi. My name is Lynnea and this is the Sexting Service portion of This is not an automated computer-generated system, this is genuine real live one on one text tease with me personally. I do calls in the day but I can typically text at other times such as evenings and sporadic times on the weekends.


It’s only $18.99

for up to One Full Hour of Texting

Text Me at 412-376-LYNN‬

SextingSexting Sessions are to be used up in one day. Time does not carry over.  It would be too much for me to keep track of and then that takes the fun out of it for both of us. the object here is FUN. Right?

In a sexting session I do not snap a photo and just send it.  I  may still send something, but that is my choice. The issue is that I do not want my images ending up on other websites or posted somewhere without my permission. So, to protect my images please do not ask for photos. Let me trust you and decide what I want to do.

Now you, on the other hand, may send pics of your cock during your paid session.  I will comment, tease, and ask you to jerk it off. Do you get the idea? Sexting can be a lot of fun, and especially so with my regular callers since I already know what gets them HOT.

I can often text off my normal schedule. 8am-2pm Eastern Time is my normal phone call schedule. But Sexting I can usually do 7pm until 10pm. Sometimes later. And often weekends I may be able to text in the evenings as well. It all depends on what it going on and the time of year it is. Over the winter I tend to be home more than the summer. Please keep in mind that I am not available 24/7. You can email me if you’d like to set up a special appointment or time.

Please Note: I do use Whatsapp. If you do also we can use it to text as well. Just add my number to your contacts. If you use another similar app then let me know. I can also text via NiteFlirt if you prefer it.

Terms of the Texting Service: No illegal chats will take place, meaning if it’s against the law in real life then we won’t discuss it. This service is provided for adult entertainment purposes only and you must be over the age of 21 to receive it. By making a payment for this service you have accepted these terms.

Call Lynnea at Home

10 Min is $14.99  ♥  15 Min is $16.99

20 Min is $18.99  ♥  30 min is $25.99

Call 1-800-972-LYNN

I’m available for calls Monday through Friday from 8 am – 2 pm Eastern Standard Time. I am off on weekends. Sometimes I can do calls at other times. You can email me or text me to try and set up a time that will work for both of us. 

All billing is secure and Private! Your personally identifiable information is never sold, traded, or given away. There are NO mailings sent to you EVER. Phone Flirts is 100% private and discreet because I am in the business of “discretion”!