Sex and Blue Jeans

Oh well, let’s see … what’s new in my not so exciting life? Had nice holidays and hope you did too if you are reading this.

I don’t celebrate a specific “religious” holiday, I basically recognize them all. I’m too open minded I guess to think that one is “the right way” over another with religion. Just my personal useless opinion. So I tend to have many activities going on with quite a variety of people.

On a more interesting note, I went to the grocery store this week because I was out of something and I ran out real quick so I looked pretty crappy. I just had on some jeans and a very faded black long sleeved tee shirt. Now, these are the slob clothes that I might do a quick errand in. I mean it’s passable but definitely not hot looking. The store was crowded and I was grabbing some veggies and some guy started to talk to me. I am really friendly with everyone in public — so I am chatting away and he makes it now obvious that he is flirting.

I am a complete flirt. I flirt with grandmothers and everyone. So I flirted right back naturally. Nothing came of the whole thing … but basically, he told me he has never seen a girl look so good in jeans before. LOL — I had to laugh because I thought I looked HORRIBLE. Guess it shows you that what is sexy to people varies completely! I guess there is no “right way” with sex either! It’s all a matter of personal tastes :o)



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