ooooh ahhhhh

I don’t pamper myself enough. But I just do not have the time or the inclination. Besides its queer to do ya know? Like, will I attempt the “home spa time for Lynn” thing but it’s weird. I start thinking “uh this is for people with too much time on their hands”. I’d rather go to the local spa and be waited on. So that’s what I did today and it was so great. We have a nicely priced spa here, not too ritzy not too dumpy – just right. I was massaged, I had my pores cleaned and a facial (not the type you’re thinking of), I had my hair done, I had a pedicure (summertime means sandals), I had the whole job. So refreshing to let someone else do all the work for me! I asked for a male to give me a massage me and yes it was totally for the erotism factor — and it was great. A big burly muscle guy rubbed me every which way… six ways til Sunday even. I liked it. Now with a teasing massage who will phone bone me?

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