New Sex Toys and Big Ole Boobies

new sex toy

Vibrators are much like cars in that every now and then — you must upgrade.

It is possible to know someone’s personality from the car they drive … or in how they take care of it. I think the same is true for girls … you can tell a lot about them from the type of vibrator they use. Every girl has one, likes them, or wants one secretly. And if not, well we’re talking about a babe who is as cold as a refrigerator.

A vibrator is almost a girl’s best friend and if it’s not then it should be. Some girls like ’em big, some girls like ’em small, but all girls like them with multiple settings! I personally like the soft type since I am not as excited by shoving a hard cold plastic dick into my pussy! I like and prefer the real thing or to get a toy as close to the real thing as possible. I’m not a pocket rocket girl – I want it big.

So off to the adult store we went! My best friend and me that is … we did a little shopping this week! And we do like to waltz in there wearing something sexy. It’s always fun because we are not the least bit shy — we get loud talking and laughing while comparing vibrators. The adult store we like is a SUPERSIZED adult store and its always busy. It’s where strippers can go to buy their outfits and you can even get some lingerie. Both the silky type and the edible type! The clerk knows us well.

As always our adult store adventures are to make sure that we grab a few new toys, but also we really are seeking attention from horny men. My friend is really the more embarrassing one waving and saying hello to every guy in there! She likes to make them blush, bump into them with her boobs, and then laughs real loud. I can only giggle the whole time and keep instigating her to do it again!

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