Lynnea in a Bikini


Well, I skipped an entry for last month. Shame on me. But hey it’s summer – a time to be lazy. I can get pretty active this time of year, would you want to sit in the house all day? Nope, me neither. Went up into the mountains a few weekends which is great and still deciding on whether or not to go to the beach. hmmm in the meantime I’m still wearing my bikini quite a bit around here. I get a new one every year… and this one I ordered from Victoria’s Secret catalog. We have a store here locally and while I do love to shop out of the house — they do not have all the merchandise available. So anyway, this year’s suit is black and the top is very much a “bra style” with a little knot look in the front. I should just post the link, so hard to explain. Anyway, my neighbor appreciates it. He is a married guy older like 32 or something. He’s the big “Wall Banger” as we call him. I have caught him now while I am on my deck getting some sun… he’s peeking. Do I encourage it?? Would I?? Could I?? Yes. Oh how I’d really like to rise above it, but I can’t, I like misbehaving too much. I wish I could be some smart boring girl who goes to church every Sunday sometimes… but I guess I can’t. I actually learned this about myself as a teenager. I NEED to be gawked at by men.

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